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Welcome to A-C Chiropractic Clinic!

A-C Chiropractic Clinic has been serving Omaha with excellent chiropractic care since 1951. Dr. Mark Wurth began his practice at this location in 1985 and been an integral part of the Omaha healthcare community since. Dr. Wurth and his staff strive to ease your pain and to help your body to resume its optimal healthy function. We use various therapies that help your body to heal and prepare it for the chiropractic adjustment. These therapies include ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation and cold laser.

We are proud to be in Midtown Omaha and members of the Midtown, Medical Center, Cathedral, Joslyn Castlem, and Blackstone neighborhoods. We are right on Dodge with parking next to the building. In addition to all of this, our clinic is personal. We get to know you by name and we are interested in the details you share with us. You are appreciated. You are always welcome. Everything we do is specifically tailored to you and your family, not just the condition that brought you here.

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